About Gabi

About Gabi

Gabi was born and raised in Israel to American parents. At the age of 18 he was drafted to serve in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). He served in a infantry unit in the artillery division in cities of Jenin, Gaza and Jerico, then honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant.
Gabi and his wife Milaine have been married for 27 years, blessed with six wonderful children, two son in laws, and three grandchildren.
They have lived and worked in Michigan since 1998. Since moving to Michigan, Gabi has worked as a new car salesman, owned and operated Gabi’s Auto Service Center in Farmington Hills, and worked in commercial real estate. Side jobs have included valet parking and waiting tables. Milaine is a hair stylist. Their daughters, post high school, attended trade schools – one a cosmetologist and the other a surgical technician. They have two children with severe special needs – cerebral palsy and autism. Gabi and Milaine are actively involved members of the community including schools and charity organizations.






• I know firsthand that major reforms are needed to provide for children and adults with special needs and different abilities. As a member of Congress, I will advocate tirelessly on behalf of special needs individuals and their families for better healthcare, therapies, education, transportation, living assistance and adult care.

• I am part of the working class, and I will fight for working class families. I know what it’s like to earn every dollar on my paycheck and still not have enough to make ends meet. I have worked second jobs, my wife has worked second jobs, so we could afford to raise our kids. I know your struggle because I’ve had the same struggle. I worked hard to build a successful auto repair shop which I later sold. I relate because I am from the working class, and I’m ready to fight for the working class.

• I hold common sense, mainstream views coupled with conservative principles, including fierce defense of individual liberties and the value of a smaller, fiscally responsible government.

• I am a proud Jew, with a strong appreciation for the freedoms our country offers, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech. As a member of Congress, I will stand strong for all the freedoms promised by the Bill of Rights and fight the growing dissenting voices of tyranny and oppression.

• I support a strong friendship between the United States and Israel. I served in the Israeli military (in the 1990s) and have a unique understanding of our relationship with the only democratic country in the Middle East.

• I have spent countless hours volunteering for charities and community causes. I want to be a public servant because I enjoy helping others, and I know I can be effective.

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